• Vision

      AbekaM envisions a world where multi-sector relationships unleash and mobilize the necessary resources to renew, amplify and protect the gifts in our target communities and for the people who live within them.

      We Believe great change comes from collective action.

      We Believe the best solutions for communities are found within the people who live, play and work there.

      We Believe successful partnerships need expert and mission-aligned facilitation.

    • News

      Robert Lewis Jr., who served as vice president for program at the Boston Foundation, has left the organization to start his own nonprofit, according to a press release issued by the foundation. Lewis left his position at the Boston Foundation to launch his new initiative called Home BASE, which will leverage sports as a vehicle to engage boys and young men in Roxbury, Dorchester and Mattapan.

      The goal is to engage them in a positive and rigorous environment so they can aim for excellence both on and off the field, according to the press release. Read More.

    • Testimonials

      Makeeba’s intelligence, passion, can-do attitude, and easy style kept us fully engaged in a process with many moving parts while she worked with us at Boston Rising and the entire collaborative. She brought her research, writing, and facilitation skills to the task and was flexible enough to pitch in on other … It was a pleasure to work with a professional who always remembers, as Randall Robinson would say, and I am paraphrasing, “to get in the right rooms and remember why she is there.”

      Audrey Jordan, Partner for Grants / Boston Rising