•  AbēkaM is a Massachusetts nonprofit corporation recognized by the IRS as a tax exempt “501(c)(3)” organization. All gifts made to AbēkaM will be considered a charitable contribution beyond the cost of services rendered or received.
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Makeeba McCreary Ed.D.
Executive Director

AbekaM Foundation focuses on bringing needed resources to communities that would otherwise go un-served. We do this by administering grant-making or partnering with other foundations and public charities. The foundation is a registered public charity in the state of Massachusetts – an approved 501(c)(3) status with tax exemption.

AbekaM Consulting takes responsibility for delivering services to our clients and is registered in the State of Massachusetts as a Limited Liability Corporation. Our clients are welcome to engage with either – or both – entities to ensure that their end goals are met. Both the foundation and our consultation serve the same community, values and overall mission.